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We’re Now A Member of the Louth Independent Traders


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Welcome Georgia

Please welcome Georgia to Salon Carina. She has joined me as an apprentice Hair Stylist and I look forward to working with her. For a little bit more information about Georgia please visit her page at


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Wedding Fayre


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August Promotion

Screenshot from 2015-07-30 16:44:18

Available now in Salon!


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Salon Carina in the News!

Recent article from the Louth Leader.

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Thank You!

I wanted to say a great big Thank You to all my Contractors that have done a fantastic job in getting the New Salon Carina built and ready for the opening on Monday 22nd June.


Jim Fairburn Joinery
Shaw’s Installation Services
Bob O’Connor Plumbing
Adam Smith decorating
Ben Tasker flooring

TWHG Web Development & Design


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Don’t have time to get to the salon and stuck for quick hair inspiration? Want easy to create, 5 minute hairstyles? With our professional session stylists, who work backstage at fashion week, we have created 5 key looks that you can recreate in 5 minutes or less. Get all our top tips and key products to make your Monday morning easier.

Image 1

1. Bobble ponytail

Key products: Tecni.ART Pli and Tecni.ART Metallic Gloss.

Top tip: Prep hair with Tecni.ART Pli and add just a touch of Tecni.ART Metallic Gloss for a semi-wet look, worn-in finish.

Technique: Put hair into a mid-low ponytail with an elastic. Now place another elastic a third of the way down, creating a bobble effect.

Image 2

2. The Pretty Plait

Key product: Mythic Oil.

Top tip: Slightly destroy the plait with your fingers for a slightly disheveled look.

Technique: Rub a few drops of Mythic Oil in your hands and run it through your hair. Pull your hair back loosely and braid into a long, central plait, tied at the end with an elastic.

Image 3

3. The Messy Bun

Key product: Tecni.ART Super Dust.

Top tip: Prep and finish with Tecni.ART Super Dust for a matte-effect finish.

Technique: Pull hair into a mid-height ponytail, secure with an elastic and pull the pony around into a loose bun. Secure with pins and don’t forget to tease out strands of baby hair all over for that messy look.

Image 4

4. Sleek back

Key products: Tecni.ART Pli and Tecni.ART Full Volume Mousse.

Top tip: Place the product on the top and sides of the hair only to create a dual-texture effect.

Technique: Mix the products together in your hands. Then using your fingers first and then a comb, slick back hair, pushing sides behind your ears.

Image 5

5. The ‘Un-Grunge’ Wave

Key products: Tecni.ART Pli, Tecni.ART Wet Domination Shower Shine Spray and Infinium Hairspray.

Top tip: Spray Infinium Hairspray onto your hands and using your fingers, rake through the back of the hair away from the temples, to catch any flyaways.

Technique: Prep with Tecni.ART Pli. Finish by sweeping hair away from your face and down your back, spraying Tecni.ART Wet Domination Shower Shine Spray for a healthy sheen.

Want more? Go backstage and discover the hair trends from Fashion Week.

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Balmain: Get the beach look


Beach waves surpass trendiness
and are a timeless and effortless
look. Beach waves, an ever trending
favorite of celebrities, fashionista’s
and many more.

Already longing for the hot summer days?
Balmain Paris’ Texturizing Salt Spray will
bring you to those warm and beautiful days
by creating beachy waves.

How to create glamorous loose curls:
Use the Volume Line of the Balmain Paris
Hair Couture for Luxury Care collection
during your hair washing routine. The
Volume Line creates voluminous, full
bodied hair. Spray Texturizing Salt Spray
by Balmain Paris on moist hair to create
a nonchalant effect. Blow dry the hair
loosely, by scrunching it. Create looser curls
using a styling iron, such as the Balmain
Straightener/Curler. Pull your fingers
through your hair to create volume. Finish
with more spray.

Used products:
Texturizing Salt Spray
Balmain Straightener/Curler
Luxury Care Volume Line

Get the Balmain beach Look

Contact the salon today for your free Balmain Consultation.

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Balmain: Elegance – A different look every day


Feel like a completely new hair style, but not the idea of an hour at the hairdresser’s? As of today, this is entirely possible! Balmain Hair is launching the Elegance collection: five trendy hair-ups made of artificial human hair, enabling you to create a new hairdo in no time at all.One day you feel like having long curls, the next you’re more in the mood for a chic look with a stylish, braided knot, and then there are the days you want to match your hairstyle to your outfit. Or you want to do something spectacular with your hair for that one special evening out.
All this is easy to accomplish with the stylish Elegance collection by Balmain Hair. You can use it to create a temporary glamorous hairstyle in an instant. And it looks completely natural, as if it’s all your own hair.

The Elegance collection consists of five trendy looks:

Saint-Tropez braided knot
The most classic style and the hot trend of the moment: a braided knot. Cannot be distinguished from the real thing! For price information please contact with PR

Nice twist wavy and Paris twist straight
A straight hairpiece with a metal thread worked into it, allowing it to be easily bent into various shapes – a trendy ponytail or a knot, for example. Nice and Paris can be placed into the hair for more volume. Nice is curly, Paris is straight hair. For price information please contact with PR

Bordeaux curl clip short and Cannes curl clip long
Slightly curled hair-ups in two lengths: short curl and long curl. The styles are eminently suitable for combining (one short and one long curl together, for example), but can also be mixed with Nice or Paris.
For price information please contact with PR

Extra: Finishing Accents
Finishing Accents are hair pins on which one lock of hair is attached. They are easily and quickly placed to one’s own hair. The hairpin can be simply slid into the hair for a playful finishing touch. Ideal for giving blond hair a few lowlights or brown hair a few highlights.
For price information please contact with PR

What makes the Balmain Elegance Collection so special?– Memory®Hair: all hair-ups are made of artificial human hair, containing the ‘Memory®Hair complex’ patented by Balmain. Without damaging the hair, you can straighten or curl it with a styling iron. After it is washed, the piece always dries into its natural shape. Looks and feels natural, like real hair!

– Invisible attachment: thanks to special gentle-lock clips (integrated into the hair-up) the hairpiece can be attached invisibly and firmly.

– Natural colour match: thanks to the mix of various tone-on-tone colour mix the Elegance collection always matches the natural own hair colour. To wear the hair in a knot or ponytail, it only has to match the natural, own basic colour.

– Professional quality: each hair-up is handmade. That’s why the hair looks natural and can be easily modelled.

– No extra help needed: you can attach the pieces to your own hair easily.

– Lightweight material: makes it comfortable to wear.


Contact the Salon today and see how you could transform your look in under 5 minutes!

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It’s Only Natural

It’s only Natural…

Have you ever wondered how the Hollywood stars always have such flawless skin?

Hollywood makeup artists rave about the incredible coverage of the mineral powders. Skincare professionals used to only use mineral foundation for special cosmetics needs, but because the natural skincare results are simply astounding, it is quickly becoming the makeup of choice for all professional makeup artists.

Contact us now for a free consultation on:

Bellápierre | The Best Mineral Make up Available Today

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